What I LOVE about Bengaluru is the space it allows for all manner of (ad)ventures. Jaaga, a place to commune… Claytopia, a place to create clay art with your own hands, and now Chaipatty, a quintessential chai gilaas with palak pakoras experience. Chai (tea) patti (leaves)? Chai (Chow) pati (a la Mumbai)? Anyway you read it, it’s ketchy.

In the heart of Indiranagar (considering the heart and limbs are all in and around 100 ft road and 12th Main) is this totally eye candy lil cafe..ooops, sorry, Teafe that you simply cannot miss.  This is no mere teafe, it’s a place to connect to dance, to drama, to photo(graph).. wow.. it’s a joy ride. It’s run by the ever peppy Chirag. See more here. Now I’ll let some pics do the talking…

chaipatty counetr

The sun shines on this lovely yellow teafe

chaipatty seatingLove the low level seating, all in cane.

chaipatty seating2Graffiti tables

chaipatty wall artWall art. The kettle and chai cups are my favourite.

art1The art store. Buy Pitaara, The Color Caravan, and a soon-to-be-coming surprise :)

art store 2Ceramics, cane and chase way the blues shoes!

tarot card readingMonica’s cards all set to read you… Yes, there’s tarot card readings on weekends.

art store 3Books to catch up to… and jewellery

Chaipatty agendaNo fixed agenda? Come check out the endless possibilities!

Chaipatty serves up teas, snacks, light meals. Monica is there with her cards on weekends between 12 and 4 PM. Drop in any time for a taste of suburbia!

Chaipatty is located on 100 feet Road, Indiranagar, opposite Food World.

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  1. Rekha says:

    Lovely post, next time I am in “I’nagar..i’ll make sure that I go there.

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