Snack in a box, black chickpeas

This should actually be called lunch in a box, but the ‘siab’ phrase is growing on me :). I’d pack just rice and a salad, or just rotis and a salad all these days for Sid’s lunch..without ever thinking a wee bit out of the box (!). But ever since the 3-compart’mentor’ entered the kitchen I been lookin’ for ways in which to make the box (and the lunch of course) interesting. So when I had some cooked black chickpeas left over from another dish, in it went into the lunch box.

black chickpeas snack

With this, I wasn’t feeling too guilty about having rice only in one of the 3 spaces, chickpeas = folic acid, protein, fiber…and all that. So cook it up for a healthy contender in the lunch box, or snack box. I made the very basic “usli” or “sundal” out of this. Seasoned with a little mustard seeds in a teaspoon of hot oil, added half a split chilli, some salt and snipped coriander leaves. Those who love coconut, dash some in shredded form. And it tastes great!

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2 Responses to “Snack in a box, black chickpeas”

  1. devika says:

    Hey Anu – Was checking out your blog after ages to get some lunch ideas.. Apu is just starting his extended day at school and I have to pack lunch for him :-)
    This looks great.. I was JUST thinking I should put chickpeas in one day – but hadnt thought what to combine them with…

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  2. Anu says:

    Devikaaa.. very glad u’re back ;-).. hope Apu likes it :).. Big boy he is huh now?!

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