Patisserie Nitash, dessert haven in Bangalore

I first tasted a blueberry cheesecake from Patisserie Nitash at the Upper Crust food show months ago and have been meaning to do a post ever since!  Then we ordered a Berry Chocolicious for a dinner party and I still didn’t get around to the post..but here it is now!

Patisserie Nitash has been covered in most online forums talking about Bengaluru, but that’s no reason not to talk about it again. The man behind it is Nitash and he runs his patisserie out of Cox Town. But yay! they deliver all over Bangalore. Yes, even midnight deliveries for birthdays (delivery charges are extra). So without further ado, here is some taste bud candy from this patisserie that strives to bring out new combinations of flavours all the time.


Says Nitash “As a kid I always loved being in the kitchen and kept creating stuff from recipe books and TV shows. However my main interest was in desserts and cakes as I found them to be creative and challenging. Patisserie is a science and an art. Hard work and practice does pay but majority of it is ones own skill and aptitude. I decided to make this my career and did a two year course in culinary arts in the US, and then worked in the UK  for a large patisserie.


I always wanted to do something of my own back home so I quit my job and started “Patisserie Nitash”, says he. “It was not easy as I started from home, and slowly have expanded out. A lot of our work is outsourcing to various restaurants, etc., but gradually through word of mouth it has spread to numerous individual customers. I want people to try different combinations of flavours , textures and ingredients. The usual blackforest, pineapple is monotonous and I dont even have it on my menu!! I am constantly researching and experimenting on whats new and what is the trend elsewhere, coming up with newer unique desserts.

chocolate ganache tortetiered cake

So what you waiting for? Birthdays, anniversaries, turning 18, 21 or 40? What ever the occasion, order one of the amazingly deelish desserts from Patisserie Nitash and you won’t forget the occasion in a hurry! Or simply keep a whole mousse cake to yourself and cock a snook at the rest of the world.

Pick from his range of cakes, savouries (quiches/breads), pies, tarts, brownies… here’s a mere sampling of the menu!

  • Chocolicious Three layers of dark chocolate cake filled with a dark chocolate truffle filling, chocolate shavings & ganache
  • Rum Mazarin Chocolicious or ganache cake – your choice; spiked with rum & walnuts
  • Mile high devil’s food cake A classic American favorite with a briegadeiro gooey fudge frosting
  • Peanut Butter and Oreo Cookie Symphony Layers of peanut butter & crushed oreo cookies layered with chocolate cream in a chocolate sponge
  • Twice as Nice A layer of white chocolate mousse topped with a dark chocolate mousse with drunken raisins. To top this off is a giant chocolate flower
  • White Chocolate and mint brownie A heavenly white chocolate mousse infused with mint on a chewy brownie
  • Melon, strawberry and wine charlotte Strawberry mousse filled with diced melon & a red wine jelly
  • Arroz Exotico An unusual orange infused rice Bavarian layered with exotic fruit
  • Classic French Apple Flan Paté sucré base with sliced apples and crème patisserie

Groan! I got a sweet attack, right about now!

Patisserie Nitash is at: (You can order some of the cakes online) OR
Call 9845427364.

All images courtesy Patisserie Nitash. Please do not copy.

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Patisserie Nitash, dessert haven in Bangalore, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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  1. Sumeet Malhotra says:

    Outstanding Desserts. Ever since my family moved to Bangalore we have tried almost all of Nitash’s Desserts both the readily available Brownies (Chocolicious & Heavenly – probably the best Brownies we have had) and Macaroons (The Salty Caramel & Rasberry are favourites)as well as the ones on Order like Meringues, Melbas, Mousses, Cakes (Fresh & Canned Fruit as well as Dark Chocolate Ganache), Cheese Cakes (Cold & Baked) all his Cake & Desserts are outstandingly tasty and some of them are a refreshing change from the regular offerings available

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