Snack in a box, bento-like tryouts

Methi rotis (fenugreek leaves in Indian bread) is a staple in Sid’s lunch box. Phew huh? He eats methi! But just the roti is always a bit dry I feel so I used to throw in some raw carrots and cucumbers along with them. And I mean literally throw them in.

But now we’re in a different place aren’t we ;-)? With bento and all the inspiration from here! So tryouts happen very regularly, many of them not photographed and posted.. haha. But here’s yesterday’s :).

cucumber patternThe carrot flowers are inch long pieces with the pattern cut out on the sides. Just stack them where there is space. The little box is sugar for the rotis. For the cucumber, peel off the skin in alternate strips, slice, and then arrange in an alternating pattern. How simple is that?! I know, I shoulda filled in those blanks, but no time, he took away the box! ( :)…You can tell it’s test time in my home right now)

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2 Responses to “Snack in a box, bento-like tryouts”

  1. neeti says:

    Hey Anu, for moist methi rotis, did you try putting some yoghurt in the dough?
    Love your bento!

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  2. Anu says:

    Ah! No, I haven’t tried yogurt, will try, thx. Sid is kinda off yogurt completely but will eat it if he doesn’t know it’s there, and if it’s a masked taste, like in rava idly. So this might work too!

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