Snack in a box: Pretty up a salad

Today’s lunch for Sid is spinach and corn pulao – yes, again – he does love it! I usually add some raw veggie along with this, instead of the chips that we are so apt to throw in at times. With the Lunchbots trio, I thought I’d try and make the carrots and cucumbers a little colourful. And thank god he loves lettuce too.

So here’s iceberg lettuce, chopped into squares. Carrots and cucumbers cut into 2 inch lengths and then sliced along the vertical. Rim the compartment with lettuce and alternate the carrot and cucumber slices.

lettuce carrots cucumebers

I know I should have had something else in the third compartment other than the rice, but the Indian hang up of making sure your kid gets ‘enough’ staple like rice or wheat won…

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