Cool kitchen gadgets!

It’s been a while since I cyber-window-shopped for cool kitchen gadgets! Decided to go e-whizzing past some cool sites today and some of what I found are freaking awesome!

This fun cookie cutter from Cox & Cox can make parties for kids waaayyyy fun! Have them cut their own puzzle shapes before baking or have them piece the puzzles! Product and image via Cox & Cox.

puzzle cutter

The quirky ones always get me. This one’s hard to beat. Argentinian designer Pablo Matteoda’s idea of tea infusion has me wanting! Images via Toxel.

sharky tea 01

sharky-tea-infuserDunno why cookie cutters, but they seem to be the news of the day! I know Sid would absolutely love these, from Neatoshop. Munch, kick! Snap, munch, pow! Images via Neatoshop


Ninjabread-Men2Now here’s something for the finicky! If you don’t want to cut meat and veggies on the same board, how about getting them indexed? And it looks so sleek too on your kitchen counter! Product and image via aplusrstore.

index board

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3 Responses to “Cool kitchen gadgets!”

  1. Shilpa says:

    Me want! Awesome stuff – all of this!

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  2. Anu says:

    Aren’t they, Shilpa :)?

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  3. Vaishnavi says:

    Eye catching!

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