Green, gooey n’ good-to-the-last-drop Moong Dal

Moong Dal (Jay)

As a bonafide Sambar guzzling Tam gal I’ve downed enough Sambar to swim in many times over and it remains my first lentil love. But as a sapling the grass looked greener closer to the Tropic of Cancer, it was the land of the delicious and elusive Moong Dal. Elusive because Mom was firmly disinclined to give Moong much of a chance. Keeping with the universal and often contrarian mother-daughter traditions, I sometimes cook “exactly” what Mom made and just as often crave the thing she didn’t favor. So of course, Moong Dal features on my menu as often as Mom’s Sambar. I would slurp it down with gusto every time a friend was kind enough to feed me some. The grass on my side is now just as green and tasty too! If she tried my dal,  I’ll bet even Mom would have to agree Moong Dal isn’t too bad. See full recipe

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One Response to “Green, gooey n’ good-to-the-last-drop Moong Dal”

  1. Kamini says:

    Hmmm yummy stuff. I just left a comment on the other blog where the recipe is listed. I am a huge dal freak, and this dal features at least once a week in my kitchen. Always added a tsp of sambar powder to it, but never made it like the recipe I just read. Yum!

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