Discovered! Little Food Junction

It’s a discovery Wednesday! Came across The Little Food Junction, a blog that will have your little ones squealing. Forget little ones, I was squealing with delight myself :). Looking at all of the cutsie and amazingly creative snacks that Smita Srivastava puts together! What I like best is that they’re all made with simple ingredients, no fancy stuff that will have you roaming grocery aisles.

She is so creative with the food art, I can’t begin to describe it. So see for yourself… Smita has detailed descriptions of how she put together these little works of art so¬†read her blog posts here. She has also been cool enough to let me share some of her pictures here. Thanks Smita!

owl sandwich

potato boatPotato boats. Aw. The blue color in the rice is from a food coloring, she says. Read more here.

potato chick

mushroomOh, the simplicity and beauty of the mushroom! Boiled egg, tomato, mayo, she says!

lionI’m very tempted to reproduce her whole blog here, LOL! But seriously, do visit. It’s a visual treat!

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3 Responses to “Discovered! Little Food Junction”

  1. rekha says:

    ooh awesome find, anu..rushing over there to check out more :)

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  2. Rajavel says:


    You are going to need that Camera.

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  3. Anu says:

    Rekha, aren’t they all just darling?!

    Rajavel, yup, the sooner the better!

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