Andy’s cutlets

Here’s that great cutlets recipe from Andy!

“When I was in school, we had this whole system of a tuck shop every once in a while where the school made us kids bring food from home and sell it in school and give the proceeds to them. :| What a racket I say! But we used to be super excited about it because the class which had the tuck shop didn’t have classes the whole day and you could spend most of the day in the lunchroom selling your treats to all the avid school girls who dropped by. Of course we all loved the idea of handling money and feeling all grown up and everything and we were most thrilled when teachers would come and buy what we had made.

One year I had made cutlets and taken it to school….”

Read the rest of the story and the recipe here!

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  1. Ayesha says:

    mm…yummy! Think I’ll try this tomorrow.

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