Spinach Pesto Pasta

Tanmayi, a student in Rotterdam, sends in this simple but great recipe! I’m quite excited to have this from her ‘coz it feels great to have more folk share their food and their methods with everyone here :).

“A feel good meal which is fun and easy to make and most importantly healthy! Being a student I like meals that are cheap, quick to make and tasty – some may find this combination is impossible, but this recipe will prove otherwise. Great for a family meal, and even for a dinner party!”

(Measurements for 4 people)


  • 450 grams spinach (if frozen use the cut frozen spinach that does not have cream)
  • 200 grams red pesto
  • Handful of pine nuts
  • 300 grams Pasta (my personal favourite is Fussili, but any type will do)

Preparation (10-15mins)

  • If fresh spinach is used, cut into small pieces
  • In one pan splash some olive oil and cook the spinach
  • In another pan boil water for pasta. Once boiling add the pasta, usually the package will indicate the time so make sure to check
  • When the spinach is soft add 200g of red pesto, stir and continue cooking
  • Simultaneously in a dry non stick pan roast a handful of pine nuts until they are golden brown
  • When the pasta is done add it into the spinach pesto saus and mix on low fire
  • Add pine nuts when serving

Extra add-ons:

  • If you like spicy, then add some chili flakes when cooking the spinach
  • As you may have noticed salt and pepper have been left out of this recipe – this is because the sharp taste of red pesto will be enough, however if you notice you require extra seasoning salt and pepper can be added individually after serving.

spinach pesto pasta

Photo by Tanmayi

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