Wheat fettucine, peppers and mushrooms

wheat fettucine, veggies

Last night’s dinner is finding screen space only Sat night. Home alone with the kids is not getting much time in front of the blog.

And this is not another Fab India plug! Their organic food range includes wheat fettucine which I tried for the adults and it was quite good! Each pack comes with 4 rolls of fettucine, for a light meal for two, you just need two of these.

I used the basic tomato sauce that I made for the kids’ pasta with this. Then added some sauted green peppers and mushrooms in olive oil, with some of the chilli flakey seasoning from Israel (yes, it’s lasting and lasting, stored in the freezer!). Use a mix of chilli flakes and the Chilli Oregano seasoning also available at Fab India for a slightly spicy fettucine. Opened a bottle of Chartreuse de Bonpas from Louis Bernard (this from the Wine Society of India). It’s a lovely red wine and went down really well with the fettucine.

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