Easy peanut-sugar chikki

My mother-in-law is SO good at making this, it’ll be a while before I can catch up! So here she is, making a favourite chewy munchie for the kids, again. Her recipe for peanut chikki…


  • 1 cup roasted and coarsely ground peanuts. You need to roast and remove the outer skin before you can grind them. Use a blender to grind.
  • 3/4 cup sugar (granulated is fine)
  • 1 tablespoon ghee (clarified butter)

If you have a thick, brass cooking vessel, nothing like it. It’s great to melt the sugar in. If you don’t use a thick-bottomed metal pan, and the mantra is stir, stir and stir, don’t stop!

How to make it:


– Keep a clean surface – preferably stone – dusted with a little all purpose flour. Use your kitchen countertop, a stone cutting board, or a stone/marble peeta (slab) that you use to roll out chapatis.

– Place the brass vessel on low heat and add the tablespoon of ghee. As soon as it melts a little, add the sugar and start stirring.

– Keep stirring until the sugar is just about melted and starts turning a golden brown. It should look like the picture here. This is very critical before you go to the next step!

chikki2– Add the ground peanut into the sugar as soon as the sugar turns golden brown. Not a few seconds late!
– Continue to mix the sugar and peanuts for a minute. It will turn into a golden coloured paste.

chikki3– Pour the paste onto the flour-dusted surface and immediately roll it out with a rolling pin.

– Dust the rolling pin with some flour as well. If you delay pouring it out, the mixture will thicken and won’t roll out.

chikki4– Roll it to a 1/4 cm thickness and immediately cut lines into it with a sharp knife. You can cut squares, diamonds, any shape you like.

chikki5– Let it cool. When cooled just break up the pieces along the cuts with your hands, but gently.

– Store in an air tight container. If you leave them in the open, in a hot, humid climate they will start getting sticky.

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