Gadgets: Magic measure


This magic measure is such a find!

It’s a hollow plastic cylinder that fits snugly over another cylinder. The clear cylinder marks everything from milliliters to cups to ounces. Just slide the cylinder up and down to measure different volumes! It fits so snugly that you can pour in liquids even and you won’t spill a drop!

Look for it if you’re shopping in the US at Crate and Barrel stores.

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2 Responses to “Gadgets: Magic measure”

  1. Actually looked for it in crate&barrel, but couldn’t find it…any place else this may be available, Anu?

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  2. Utpal, perhaps this is an old model and they don’t stock it any more. Check with them and they may be able to dig it up for you. Crate and Barrel’s the innovative store fir such stuff, I haven’t come across it anywhere else!

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